The Wives’ Revenge Part 2

Part 2

Before she knew what was happening Michelle’s hands were being handcuffed she tried to struggle but after the fucking she had received she was too weak.
Her blindfold ripped from her eyes.

She was faced with 2 women you would not want to cross in the dark, “you young slut” as one slapped her face so hard that it made the cum turn to bl**d and drip from her lip, You have fucked your last husband., singles guys not good enough for you.”

Her face dripping with cum and bl**d: Michelle still showed her smugness in as much to say at least I can pull any guy I like.
This made the 2 women mad as hell. “We are going to teach you a lesson you will never forget”. With that 5 other wives walked in one carrying a large bag.
They pulled the wooden horse to the centre of the floor removing the mattress, dragged Michelle onto the horse and bound her legs and arms down each side. They ripped the remaining clothes from her body till she was naked.

Out of the bag came things that send a cold chill down Michelle’s spine
A selection of weapons, A vicious looking Bull Whip, a spiteful looking leather Tawse, Canes and Crops, a Strap-on that would make anyone’s eyes water, and a roll of masking tape and a bottle filled with something that looked familiar but Michelle could not work it out.

“You don’t know what’s happening do you?” The fatter of the wives said.
Michelle looked puzzled; all she could do was shake her head.
My husband ( A doctor Michelle’s had fucked) who you thought had set this up left his pc on after having to rush of to an emergency. I found your emails to him with those pictures. You are nothing but a nasty whore. Once you had replied to the address I gave you the rest was easy.
I spoke to the other wives; we meet for coffee mornings every week and shared the stories of our cheating bastards. Our husbands would fuck anything so I sent them your details and planned it all.
My husband who you had, is out with some other little tramp tonight, it will be her turn to get what we have in store for you next week.

With that the wives pulled up a bench so they could have a good view of what was to follow.

Even with the sight of the tools laid out before her, Michelle looked around at the women and spat out in defiance “no wonder your husbands fuck around” (thinking they only wanted to scare her). She was to regret that remark.

The first wife carefully chose her weapon, it was a red crop, She swished it back and forward in the air, the sound brought a sudden stop to the smirking young woman tied down, up until now she thought they just wanted to scare her, then with a sharp pain searing through her body, she realised this was real, she screamed for help but the guys who had just abused her had left for they lived in fear of their wives and to them she was just a fuck.. Why should they care?

I am going to teach you never to mess with my husband again. 10, 20, 30, 40 50 lashes was rained on Michelle’s arse. She had welts marks all over not once inch was spared. The woman had not finished yet, she walked in front towards Michelle’s face, peeling off her panties, she stuffed them in Michelle’s mouth saying. “I had your smell on my man, now you know what its like to smell another woman.
The 2nd wife then walked up to Michelle she had chosen the leather Tawse. Michelle now in a state of shock could only wonder how she had got herself into this mess.
The pain on her butt was unbearable, “ I am sorry she cried” Please no more. With that the 2nd wife started, oh no your far from sorry, you took our husbands at least 3 times each, you looked like you could had gone on all night.
The first strike of the Tawse felt like her flesh was being ripped from her back. Another 49 blows was handed out to the distraught girl her screams echoed all over the building. Yet again the 2nd wife took off her panties and stuffed them into the young girls mouth after wiping them deep in her pussy.

Wives 3, 4, 5 and 6 used the crops and canes on her body. Each administering 50 lashes until she bled. Each wife goading each other to do it harder. She could hear the laughter of the wives as each stoke thundered into her body.

Each one in turn following the same ritual of forcing their soiled panties into Michelle’s mouth after the beating replacing the old pair.

The wives stopped. She saw a long rope being pulled from the bag. They carefully strung the rope across the wall bars at each end of the hall; tight as they could get it.
Then another rope was thrown across it at the centre. Hanging down they attached a clip. Untying Michelle they dragged her to the floor, removed the wooden horse, She was too weak from the pain to struggle but the fear was ripping through her stomach.
They strung her hands to the rope high up above her head until her feet were dangling off the floor. Her body had looked as if it was torn to shreds but worse was to follow.

Michelle’s cries for mercy were ignored, through blurred water filled eyes she could see the fat wife and 1 other rubbing their pussies with the bullwhip taking it in turn to lubricate it with their juices, she was curiously aroused, then her fear increased to the point where she wanted to be sick, the women had stopped playing and started to test the bullwhip in the air, a loud CRACK was heard, that made everyone jump.
The fat wife was an expert with the whip and played with Michelle’s mind making her think the next crack would land on her already tender bruised flesh, the breeze from the whip getting closer and closer her. Each time the crack made Michelle cry out, she had started to piss herself. The wife laughed loud as she could see the fear on Michelle’s face. “Not so smug now are you”.
She walked away and put the whip down, Michelle thought it was all over.

Michelle had forgotten about the strap-on. The big woman stripped naked with the exception of her underwear; her rolls of flesh fully on show to all the wives. She stepped into the massive harness, the size of the large latex cock-like falice protruding from the fat flesh of the wife looked obscene. The wife picked up the bottle and smeared the contents onto the falice. The shock of realisation had hit Michelle; It was a bottle of Pepper sauce.

Michelle’s legs were bound and spread till she thought she was going to be quartered. She was wide open for the wife to enter her. She had never in her life experienced such fear. The pain from the beating had nothing to compare for what she was about to feel
One f***eful entry had buried 6 inches of the cock deep into her belly. The pain was like a hot poker being inserted. Thrust after thrust, the fat wife ploughed her, not stopping and the look in her eyes said it all. How could anyone hatch such a plan?
Michelle almost passed out.
The pain was unbearable, her screams louder than any of the lashes she had endured. The fat wife was fucking Michelle’s harder and deeper than any man could. This lasted for 30 mins but to the young girl it seemed like a lifetime. Her embarrassment at having been abused by women was too much. The imitation cock withdrew with a loud plop. The fat woman took off her panties, which was sodden in sweat and female cum the fat wife’s enjoyment was clear to be seen. The other wives were amazed it had turned her on so much.

Stuffing the panties in Michelle’s mouth the fat wife then bound Michelle’s mouth with the tape.

Her leg restrictions removed, she was winched back to the previous position.
The fat woman once again picked up the whip.

“Now, for your final lesson”.

“I have 100 lashes for you”.
Hearing this made Michelle go weak, she could bear no more. “This will teach you never to steal another husband again”.
The wives were looking on in fear; they had seen the fat wife use the whip on previous occasions but they never saw her look this charged up.
They knew never to cross her.
2 of the wives almost wanted to stop it but they were reminded of their husband’s constant indiscretions and a lesson had to be taught. They sat back reluctantly as the punishment commenced.

10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 lashes rained over every inch of Michelle’s back, arse and thighs. She had lost count. She had almost passed out. Her legs were once again held apart. The final 10 lashes were expertly administered around her inner thighs and puffed pussy lips the final one cutting deep into her vaginal crack. Her body writhed in pain but no scream could be heard, only the deep fear in her eyes told the full story.

The fat wife had finished, walking away almost disappointed, she stopped and turned back to Michelle; saying. “It’s a pity only 6 of the 10 turned up”.
Michelle realised she had been spared even more pain and punishment.

The wives packed and left Michelle there for the Cleaners to find next morning.
It was the last time Michelle ever fucked a married man.

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