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Party Time
We were both invited to a party but little did we know what would transpire. The invitation had come from a couple of Janet’s work colleagues. She had spoke of them before although it seemed a bit str...
Fetish Mob Story: Part 2
The two women looked at each other with great concern on their faces, a response that seemed fitting under the circumstances they had just been put under. After a short moment of them hesitating, I te...
The Sexy Banker
This tale starts with an attractive woman who works at the bank that I frequent every Friday morning when I have to make a company in-person deposit. Over the past 6 months or so, I find myself being...
Abby T-Girl #1
Abby T-Girl #1 Follow up to Abby T-Girl It had been 2 weeks since Abby's family formed. The men spent the days at Hud...
Cousins Share Adventure
Cousins Share Adventure ---------- Over a week had passed and we had been so busy, swamped with customers and no time to really talk to each other, but today we had rain. The chores were finished and...
Me and Mom - Love but not incest
Hi everyone. This is my first blog really.. My Mom always made me hard and i had plenty fantasies about Her.. After parents got divorced i was meeting Her nearly every week on saturdays and sundays....
Ghostly petal
* in unbuckle. Entering the room like a ghost.her robe falling on her plump firm breast. Aunt Kim came to my side. Sliding her finger down my vagina softly. .. she grazed my nipple with soft nibbl...
A Buckeye in Wolverine Territory
A Buckeye in Wolverine Territory By Abob1 All Comments, Emails and Votes are Appreciated. All characters are of legal age. Enjoy! ***** 'God, I hate it here,' Danielle thought to herself a...
Westbound on a train
There I was heading home from a convention in New York City. I know I should of flew back to California but I decided for some reason to take Amtrak home....maybe it was for the scenery or the cost bu...
if only..........
A work of ‘faction’ I am at University and in digs, I had taken what few silky femme wear items I had at the age of 18 smuggled in my bags and added a few more things as the student grant allowed - a...
Disclaimer: This story was written specifically for my ex-boyfriend who I was with when I was around 22 years old. We were in a serious and committed ~ 2 year relationship. Thus, marriage wa...
As you,re aware from my previous posts I,m the only one in my marriage who still has strong sexual desires as my poor wife isn,t able to even give me hand relief any more due to ill health. Sadly I ha...
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