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My S1ster’s Gangbang - Chapter Six
My S1ster’s Gangbang - Chapter Six
Since the day I took the first photo session with Kelly until today, my little s!ster had discovered a whole new world of pleasure. When I am not home, my s!...
Vacation Fun Chapter 1
Vacation Fun Chapter 1 - Vacation Fun
(The girls of iCarly/Victorious/Sam & Cat go on Vacation together to catch up and relax.)
With everyone off doing their own thing, there has...
Fanfiction to Reality
Fanfiction to Reality
Carly opened a search tab on her PearPad as Sam sat down next to her.
"What're you doing Carly?"
"I'm curious about something. Our show is really popular. I was wonde...
My Wifes Aunt, Mother In laws sister, business women, dog owner and the dirtiest slut I know, has a interesting history. Which only I become aware off since the mother in law joined in the games and o...
Realizing what I really wanted
I made my way towards the bathrooms. I had to fix my hair. I had to make sure my makeup was alright. I just had to. He was here and I had to look perfect. Yeah he never noticed me but that was alright...
Bitch, Invincible
Bitch, Invincible
[Sequel to Girl, Invisible]
It had been a whim, mostly, something to get under B’s skin. Kinda ironic really, since she’d been wearing B’s skin at the time.
After ge...
Sharing my wife
It is a long time ago.
Someday I went to work with my wife and told them I heard from other people.
'Well, there is a thing called swapping'
I was the first to say. What is it?
'It is a transaction th...
Advice for dating a tranny ... for the semi-straig
I will apologize right of for the grammar etc. I am not a professional writer by any means.
A bit of prep is in order here. As an adult no one really likes being told how to think or what to do, w...
Becky's mom
When I was 16 my girlfriend, Becky, was a total bitch. Her mom noticed too, and I told her that I thought she was a great lady and that I was going to miss not talking with and seeing her. I was going...
That Gurl
That Gurl

Monica was a little nervous as she rode the elevator up to the 45th floor. It was the Executive Floor, influential money makers. She worked in the interoffice mail room for the whol...
Drunken one-night stand
Freshman year of college, I played it pretty cool the first couple of months, because I was crushing pretty hard on a girl from back home. I drank a lot but didn't do much in the way of hooking up wit...
My work with my partner.
Let me tell about sex in my way. Maybe you practice this already. If you do, you sertainly has discovered that sex is about the feelings you get on the tip of the penis and the vaginal rubbung and toc...
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