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BBC cums in me after using 2 of hubby's creampies for lube

Veröffentlicht von vor 7 Monaten

Hubby Makes me fuck my favorite BBC again! hubby cums 2 x in me(7:03 & 15:03 off camera) for him to use as lube so he doesn't rip my tight PAWG pussy with his massive big black dick! 3 total creampies

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gentleandniceguy vor 3 Monaten
your hubby is so lucky
Steffen1990 vor 4 Monaten
very hot..made me cum hard
cuck_me_plz vor 4 Monaten
You did it backwards... hubby supposed to go last.
JohnCat01 vor 5 Monaten
Perfect session
R_M_Roxinger vor 6 Monaten
The potential for a BBC to impregnate a white hotwife is quite the turn-on!
dyzzi27 vor 6 Monaten
wow keep it coming
sissyboi1 vor 6 Monaten
Wow! Sooooo hot!
casadosbh vor 6 Monaten
so sexy
solo4875 vor 6 Monaten
Ma dopo una scopata del genere marito e moglie che cazzo stanno a fare insieme?
chiguy_38 vor 7 Monaten
Sounds like you love having his BBC inside you. Very hot!
chat45 vor 7 Monaten
Filthy dirty porn the way it should be Well done !!!!!
cernunnos23 vor 7 Monaten
Although static bbc job, nice action. However I wonder why you need to get lube. My wife gets wet like a waterfall geting used by a bbc...
hadescumshot vor 7 Monaten
45ilike that cums nice ass ! Add me in KK::III::KK @havannahades i nees that cumming is good
Sassy_Turtleneck vor 7 Monaten
I'd love to take a turn ;-)
BigEssexGurl vor 7 Monaten
Love seeing a woman get worked like that. He should have gone deeper though.
filthysocksandsoles vor 7 Monaten
I want to eat all of that cream. All of it. 
Blackcream vor 7 Monaten
Honestly y’all need better angles. Nice ass but I could barely see anything
rmaracle75 vor 7 Monaten
The fuck.. fuckin dummy needs to learn how to keep his dick inside a woman when he's cumming. Gtfo of the way fool
dawg75 vor 7 Monaten
God Damn is right, what a great ass she has! :-P
lclassyfun vor 7 Monaten
mariojebac vor 7 Monaten
Great video Nicole, Wish he just dump his load deep and moaning :) I hope that you really enjoy with your hubby in cuckold lifestyle :) Cheers and greetings from Mostar :)
CurvyWife420 vor 7 Monaten
It's not really a cuckold situation, but if that's your thing go for it!
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v8blaster vor 7 Monaten
would love to add to you creampies, my fat older cock would love to feel your sweet slutty cunt
Hard1ToFind2 vor 7 Monaten
thats so hot. I wish I was a cuckold. I need to find a white girl into this 
danecuck vor 7 Monaten
Really nice clip and story. But this makes me wonder again why black men always yell "Ohh Shit" when they come? I mean if they relate ejaculating to shitting, what do they say when they go for big business in the restroom?
MFcpl4cum vor 7 Monaten
Cool story. ^.^
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ubi123 vor 7 Monaten
Add me please
sex4pleasurenfun vor 7 Monaten
lol. You watch a lot of IR for someone who claims to hate IR.
als Antwort auf MFcpl4cum (Kommentar anzeigen)
FirstRateFreak vor 7 Monaten
Damn another hot ass session girl.
CumsseveralXs vor 7 Monaten
I would give you three more loads of hot cum !
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