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First Time at Swingers Club

Veröffentlicht von bonzo580 vor 9 Jahre
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taylan31 vor 1 Jahr
hairygrannyluver vor 1 Jahr
It is always so beautiful to visit some of these swinger events, the short/tall/fat/thin/old/younger people, the different shapes and styles that each has. Even if you do not participate, it is still a wonderful night. Been to a few and it's amazing that occasionally some young lady wants to try something old and experienced. The banter and the openness is the thing that really makes it for me. You wouldn't know if they were a housewife or a corporate banker without the clothes.
dragonheartkid vor 3 Jahre
stop talking.... she did not get or ride. she was new and just watched thats all...
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weplaywet vor 3 Jahre
sooo hottt
urbanfox21 vor 3 Jahre
In the end she got what she needed, bareback black cock
shaloshepik vor 4 Jahre
I would like to go there with my wife and watch my wife fucks a big cock boy
jeff69niki vor 4 Jahre
I think this is Trapeze in Ft Lauderdale
smallmen vor 4 Jahre
I want to join that kind of club. But i think I have too small cock. What do you judge?
Dionysosgr vor 5 Jahre
fine !!!!
ThickDickRick vor 5 Jahre
I wanna go there
nounours47 vor 6 Jahre
golias vor 6 Jahre
tonicumluver vor 6 Jahre
so much cock so little time !
luv2jerkit vor 6 Jahre
looks like so much fun!! idk how the camera man resisted
sybian78 vor 6 Jahre
nice cock,hot latina ass...but,that music is a turnoff :D
tazzmania1982 vor 7 Jahre
What is it labelled under on the site?
Valentina69 vor 8 Jahre
The blonde woman who gets coaxed into jerking that Black dick really was shy LOL There is more of her in action in the full length clip on the private side of our DirtyDatingLive site. Thanks for your interest!
mwc4fun95 vor 8 Jahre
I have seen other clips from this night (shy wife is seen in the background). But are there any clips showing her in action?

BTW...we've been at Trapeze in Atlanta while dirtydatinglive was there filming. It's actually real couples in the lifestyle. The site reserves a room at a club, and those who want to be filmed usually bring a mask, cause they know ahead of time. But if someone wants to be filmed and they don't have masks, the cameraman is instructed not to record faces.
bud01456 vor 8 Jahre
super hot, well done!
enis vor 8 Jahre
abadon69es vor 8 Jahre
Good video , pity do not seeing their faces , but good.
1969er vor 8 Jahre
I think they had fun and it wasn´t the last time at a club! Thanks
Bandnot vor 8 Jahre
I think I need to start going out more.
joanna_af vor 9 Jahre
enis vor 9 Jahre
weplaywet vor 9 Jahre
lurveporn61 vor 9 Jahre
its match the dick with the face
dr567890 vor 9 Jahre
still pretty hot
ZOCO vor 9 Jahre
were are all the black chicks? home cooking.
sweetflower vor 9 Jahre
yum All I saw was BBC I want to join that club
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