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Foursome in Jacuzzi

Veröffentlicht von vor 12 Tagen
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Desperado2010 vor 8 Tagen
Who is the asshole who writes in the category section calling this a Lesbian video when clearly it is anything but. Go back to school you thick bastard! Lesbians are women and girls that only have sex with each other, bisexuals have sex with both males and females. Didn't you learn anything when you were at school!
gunnut81 vor 11 Tagen
The family stuff ruined it otherwise would have been a great video
305TPI vor 11 Tagen
My cock would have been hard before this video started
BopSlop vor 12 Tagen
You can't define my lesbianism any more than you can assign my gender. I self-identify this video as lesbian.
JudgeSappho vor 12 Tagen
Wrong category. If there are men involved then the video isn't lesbian and shouldn't be in the lesbian category.
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