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Some Wives

Veröffentlicht von theducx vor 9 Monaten
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william2015AND vor 2 Monaten
yes...and the cum she gets is so tasty!
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william2015AND vor 2 Monaten
i like helping set things up
muttiskleinerwichser vor 4 Monaten
fucking hot and great music
Tweedy1964 vor 5 Monaten
I think if hubby is inadequate in the sexual dept why not let her hunt for large cock that can reach those pleasure spots and by hell some men know how to really fuck your woman too ,they cannmake her do things that a small cock man like myself could only dream of.
allfantasies vor 5 Monaten
well done. great selection of amateur wives, nice editing of the speed and clips to set the mood,  and lovely progression toward more freakiness throughout. I think the music adds something, too.
cuckoldpa vor 5 Monaten
take music off.. 
cuckoldpa vor 5 Monaten
Asahitanaka vor 6 Monaten
amazing they enjoy so much
Rosmarin30 vor 6 Monaten
yes it is a horny contrast to blow bbc and fuck! but i`m only doing it for my sexy hot white husband´s (real 9" cock) sake!!! he fuck my always next bbc´s fucks hard! WE love it grrrrrrrr mmmmmmmmmmmm hg Angie
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Shakeaspear vor 7 Monaten
Dear sweet Jinnxypie was a genuine darling, the telltale expressions written all over her face in the opening scene speaks volumes.
VirginiaS vor 7 Monaten
Well put Julie....   there are MILLIONS of white wives and MILLIONS of young white girls going black, and we deserve it !!!
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adrdriver vor 8 Monaten
God bless them all,  we are sure that there would be far fewer divorces if more couples experimented in the lifestyle 
DickLover59 vor 8 Monaten
Julie is very right about that. Variety is so much better (for both spouses). Monogamy may seem to provide long term stability in a marriage (and it does, in a way), but boredom is likewise a part of a 'stable' (monogamous) relationship after a while!
julie_van01q vor 8 Monaten
More and more these are the sorts of scenes which are taking place in homes all across the country, from the deep south, to Colorado and beyond, white women, some with and some without their partner's permission are finding true pleasure in the arms of well endowed black lovers.  Great clip, thanks!
SamandDave69 vor 8 Monaten
chazman vor 8 Monaten
Well done
hacknstack vor 9 Monaten
Tell me the name of the video 1:34 please :D
ThePancakeMan vor 9 Monaten
Holy fuck, kill the music. 
dnizzle14 vor 9 Monaten
Good work 
cruzin vor 9 Monaten
Hot vid. Life is to short; be the slut while you can ;-)
niteman51 vor 9 Monaten
Really enjoyed this :)
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